Anthony DeLaCroix


When it comes to the world today, it’s hard to stay optimistic when everything around you feels uncertain. Broken politics, a deluge of social media, and a stagnant music industry — no wonder older generations think it’s all downhill from here. It’s difficult keeping your head on straight, let alone channeling creativity. Acoustic/hip hop singer-songwriter DeLaCroix is hopeful, however, using his music as a way to encourage others to tap into their creative potential, and unleash its force to spread love and new ideas.

Based out of Tulsa, OK, Anthony DeLaCroix is a lyricist, guitar player, songwriter, and producer. Referred to as a Black Gypsy, DeLaCroix’s foray into music began in his early childhood. Born of West African/Puerto Rican descent, his mother was a musician and artist who exposed him to an array of cultural sounds: old school singer-songwriters, Caribbean music, and various African genres. His father a spiritual guru taught him to see the world as a reflection of himself. Each moment is for the perfecting of our unfolding, so why not become aware of our experience with an open heart. His eclectic palette of influences offered the perfect primer for his teenage years, where he began to bud as a musician, poet and spiritual seeker.

“The first time I saw Lauryn Hill, she did this unplugged session and it was very raw,” he explained. “She was playing acoustic guitar and had this message to give to the world. I saw that and was like that’s what I want to do. I wanted to blend hip hop with other fusion sounds.”
Later finding inspiration in Bob Marley, Wyclef Jean, and John Forté, DeLaCroix’s music is a cross between Kendrick Lamar, k-os, and Marley himself. His debut album Black Gypsy is a 48-minute opus of poetically charged rhymes and ingeniously crafted melodies, delicately peppered with soul and groove and a dash of flamenco spice. His tracks “Alter Ego” and “Choices” counterpoint hip hop’s current status quo: rather than over-glorifying status, money, and fame, he instills a more honest approach, exposing his vulnerabilities and the core of human emotion.

“Sometimes people think it’s just the beat that drives hip hop. Music is a driving force there is no doubt about it. Yet our voices, when we choose to tap into the depths of ourselves can shake the very foundation of our soul and the soul of others. That’s why I speak, to free the soul, to share the heart and art form that I am, to be the change I desire to see. There is no greater purpose in life.”

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