Dashorn Whitehead, better known as ANoyd, is a 22 year old rapper/artist from Bloomfield, CT. As the son of Chuck Fenda, a well-known reggae artist, ANoyd inherited the ability to effectively express himself through music. ANoyd didn’t begin to take music seriously until he met his producer, RichBreed, about a year or two after he graduated high school. RichBreed’s production inspired a pure, original sound for ANoyd that took his music to the next level. Their song creation skills led to ANoyd’s first official release the “ANoydwithLife project” followed by his second project, “Summer In Sinsinati”. ANoyds music is built around four main things: storytelling, clever/creative verses, his life, and life in general. While continuing to gain new fans from his past work, ANoyd is currently working on two new projects that he plans to release in the first half of the new year. With new music, new fans, and new opportunities to look forward to, we know that 2015 is going to be a big year for ANoyd.

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