Amari Noelle


Beginning her career on the Soundcloud scene Million$$Maddy became Amari Noelle, hailing from Gary, Indiana Amari was raised by a family of creatives, growing up watching her musical mother and attending a visual and performing arts academy it was no surprise that Amari would gravitate towards music herself. Transitioning from a basketball star to rising R&B artist Amari’ Noelle is putting her all into her new music. Now in 2022, the Gary, Indiana-based artist has released her first single, “Wait For Me,” in December 2021. Inspired by life, self-reflection and relationships, “Wait For Me.” was the start of a whole new journey for Amari’ Noelle coming from a humble upbringing and not being able to afford studio time or studio equipment Amari records all of her music on her iPhone. To date, she has recorded over 150 songs on her iPhone in 2021 and is ready to continue releasing music off her debut album “Amari SZN1”. Emerging as a R&B artist Amari is excited to put forth her best work yet and ready to touch the minds and hearts of her fans with her second album “Love Is My Religion”

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