“The mythical retelling of your summer camp romance, only the Greek chorus is the school band.”

Adjy is a musical mythopoic apparatus based in undisclosed locations in the blessed, wild land of Appalachia.

 With it’s emphasis on storytelling, Adjy cants deeply sincere hymns commemorating doubt, philosophy, and the toil and trauma of attempting connection with others. 

After being approached by Triple Crown Records, the Project signed with the label, and after several tours, Christopher Noyes -composer and writer- reclused like an alchemical hermet and has spent the past 2 years writing and recording their debut full-length record.

Adjy ‘s a live musical perfornace is generally 5-6 musicians, who’s goal is to create moments of wonder and aporia though passionate performances, the inclusion of several idiosyncratic instruments and audience participation/bewilderment… 

While at times they’ll find themselves somewhere between an Andy Kaufmen bit, and a Punch Brothers concert… they feel perfectly at home amongst an “Emo,” “Indie,” or “Punk Rock” Show with their use of sing-along gang vocals, raucous climaxes, and emotional sets. 

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