Abhi the Nomad


In February of 2018, Abhi The Nomad was in a race against time. He had just found out that on account of his new student visa he had acquired four months ago, he couldn’t publicly release any music or perform at any shows without risk of deportation. Only because he wrote and recorded all his songs when living in India and France was he able to legally release his debut album ‘Marbled’ to critical acclaim from outlets such as NPR, Consequence of Sound, and This Song Is Sick. Ironically, without his income stream from live show performances, he wasn’t going to be able to pay for the education that enabled him access to come to the U.S. in the first place. With three months left in his semester, ‘Marbled’ represented the best opportunity at earning him the notoriety necessary to land a talent visa that would unshackle him from the restriction of his student visa.

Seven months and over eight million streams later, Abhi the Nomad is a free man with a place to call home. And in his first 100 days as “Alien of Extraordinary Ability”, as crowned by the U.S. Government, Abhi is planting his flag with a national headline tour. Called ‘The American Alien Tour’, his debut headline tour serves as a celebration of his freedom from restriction of any kind in his pursuit of happiness in the states. The chaos and clutter that have defined his last year just before and after his visa are represented visually in his tour poster, as well as sonically in his upcoming single, “Run.” Due August 24th, his first song since his debut album is dedicated to his hometown of Madras, and is a victory lap personified. What does one do on a victory lap after a huge race? They wrap their country’s flag around their neck and run around the racetrack one more time to cap it all off. Starting in his new hometown of Austin, Texas, and hitting cities like Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, Abhi’s debut tour truly represents a complete trip around the track to celebrate his triumph in his race against time.

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