A Wilhelm Scream


A WILHELM SCREAM formed in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 2004 out of the momentum of founding members Trevor Reilly, Nuno Pereira and Nicholas Pasquale Angelini’s previous band, Smackin’ Isaiah, which despite our wack name, toured extensively and tirelessly without label support for several years, doing everything ourselves with the support of friends with the same DIY spirit we had, including our first booking agent (2001), a wild California dude named Ray “Dingo” Picard, who would book our tours while taking pizza orders and cooking up pies down at Amechi’s. (Dingo, our “sixth member”, the man with the plan for all these years, still runs this ship to this day, as our fearless Manager.)

Our old friend Jeremy from Jumpstart Records took out a loan to put AWS (then, SI) into the Blasting Room in 2003 to record an album with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore, which got the attention of Nitro Records, whose A&R guy Sean Z, a sweet man with no thumbs, signed us up after a Warped Tour performance in Ventura.The next several years saw AWS record with Bill and Jason and release two more Nitro albums, 2005’s Ruiner, followed by Career Suicide in 2006. (I swear we had no idea those were the names of hardcore bands, both really good ones. check them out.) Nitro Records has sold their catalog and now exclusively makes hot sauce…… it’s actually pretty good.

That time period also saw the departures of founding members bassist Jon Teves in 2005 and guitarist Chris Levesque in 2008 from the group for real life jobby jobs whose positions were filled in monstrous ways by our favorite bassist, Toronto native Brian Robinson (who joined in 2006) and Detroit’s finest shredder, Mike Supina (in 2008). Their work in the band does both Jon and Chris proud, which is huge praise, as they were two of the finest musicians and friends I’ve ever played with. Jon is married with a cute kid and another on the way and we just got back from Chris’ wedding in Brooklyn last weekend. Got loaded. I remember there was karaoke. We have been touring worldwide with our current lineup sometimes eight months out of the year since 2005, when we went on our first European tours opening Lagwagon and then for Rise Against. We have toured Europe and the UK, both headlining and supporting, ten or twelve times since. We love it over there and we’ve had some amazing adventures and shared the stage with alot of our favorite bands. So many great times.

Our first release with the current full lineup was 2009’s self titled EP, released by our good friend Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake) and his rad label Paper & Plastick. This was the time we decided we were gonna take our recording fate into our own hands and try to take all that we learned from the genius of Bill and Jason and our time at the Blasting Room and have a go at it producing our records ourselves, home in New Bedford. Vinnie gave us some cash to buy preamps and recording gear to add to to my dad’s home studio Black and Blue, which he built in 1988, where I watched him record bands and his own albums as a kid. With the help of our live sound guy James Hoops Whitten (Rutherford T. Woodcock from the “I wipe my ass with showbiz” video) we had a blast and we were stoked on the results and ready to tackle our next full length, where a band really shows what they’re made of.

The past two years have seen us working tirelessly on our first full length since 2006. While guitarist Trevor Reilly still tackles the lion’s share of the songwriting, this new record sees more great writing contributions from lead singer Nuno Pereira and also three songs from guitarist Mike Supina, along with the nuclear mustard rhythm section of Nick Angelini and Brian Robinson’s huge contributions and input. I am so stoked for everyone to hear what we have all been working on. We all really pushed ourselves to get our performances and parts as gnarly as we could make them and we can’t wait to play this stuff live.

The new A Wilhelm Scream record, Partycrasher (Produced and Engineered by Trevor J. Reilly and Mike Supina at Black & Blue Studio in New Bedford, MA to be released by No Idea Records), is the culmination of two years of band jam sessions and studio demolition/rebuilding, swinging hammers and all that good shit, all while keeping up the band’s full time touring schedule (hitting up our usual spots and some new ones all over Western and Eastern Europe, the UK, Russia, Costa Rica, Canada, South America, Australia, USA)

Mike and Brian both spent the better part of 2011 and 2012 calling New Bedford home in between tours for writing and recording, and going home for the holidays  It was awesome being able to record our parts, go downstairs for coffee after coffee, shoot the breeze with Diane and Joe Reilly (who even shreds a guitar solo for us on the track Boat Builders), giving us his feedback, smoking cigars and sharing rock’n’roll stories with everybody. The support of our families, fiancées and girlfriends (and Nuno’s new baby boy Brixton!) keeps us motivated, keeps us going, and makes living the rock’n’roll dream possible. It’s eleven songs all about where we are at in our lives as rock’n’roll lifers.

The last few years have been a whirlwind, and we are so proud and excited for our fans old and new to finally hear Partycrasher and play all these songs live. And to work with a label like No Idea is a dream come true, as I remember vividly poring over the No Idea catalog over at Nuno’s apartment when we were kids idolizing Hot Water Music and the dozens of other rad post hardcore bands they were always known for putting out.

We are nearing the tail end of our ninth year as a band, and we’re still having the time of our lives playing and writing music that we really love to labor over. New Bedford is still the home base where we come together to create music and is a big part of who we are as a band, and we are proud to spread the name of our hometown wherever we go. The blue collar spirit of New England permeates this new album, and informed our work ethic in writing arranging and recording it together, with a tour every few months to keep the juices live and keep the lights on. Every year we get to go play somewhere new in the world. We are grateful and humbled by the fact that we have fans out there that appreciate what we do, regardless of if the style of music we play is “fashionable” at the time or not. Our fans mean everything to us. Their support makes it possible for us to do what we love and we are honored to call many of them friends. As long as they keep coming out we will keep coming back to sing our guts out with them. We are always on a musical mission, and that will never change. Thanks for listening.
Nuno Pereira – Vocals
Trevor Reilly – Guitar, Vocals
Brian Robinson – Bass, Vocals
Mike Supina – Guitar, Vocals
Nick Angelini – Drums

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