Five O'Clock Devil


Catchy but heavy well thought out lyrics most can relate to & sing along with, with fast paced old school punk music. Hardcore Punk from Atlanta, Ga. Punk / Hardcore / Trash / Skatepunk / Crossover

Formed in the fall of 2012 in Atlanta, Ga.

The band is made up of veterans of the Atlanta Punk scene. Hardluck Jay & Jeremy have been playing in bands together for almost 25 years now.

With current and former members of The Deacons (NYC), Loose Skrews, The Bitter End (ATL), Fist Of The North Star, The Ignored, Stool Sample, Cadillac Junkies and Spewtilator…you can bet on 2 things: it’s going to be loud as fuck and you’re in for some awesome tunes.

So hop on in and come take a ride with the DEVIL.

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