Catch These 10 Local ATL Artists Opening for Your Favorite Shows Next Month


  1. Coletta opening for Strawberry Girls3/31 in Purgatory
  • Psychedelic pop fused with alternative rock 
  • Dynamic ghostly melodies contrasting with harsh screams of angst
  • Great for experimental music lovers who love a surreal experience 
  • Watch their live set at Smith’s Olde Bar in Midtown, Atlanta on 8/20/21 here

2. Stay Here opening for Downhaul – 4/6 in Purgatory

  • Pop-punk influences with emotion-packed instrumentals and lyrics
  • Hits you in your feels. Post-breakup blues? Or just angsty blues in general? Same.
  • Listen to their latest release “Crash Landing” and feel it out

3. Cool Cool Cool opening for Downhaul4/6 in Purgatory

  • That feel-good indie sound you can’t escape
  • Great for listening to on a long drive home or alone drinking wine in your bedroom
  • Learn all the lyrics to their latest single “How Does That Sound?” before the show!

4. Mercury opening for MIKE4/8 in Hell

  • Alternative rap over experimental hip-hop beats to listen to when you’re chilling alone or making art
  • If you like Yung Lean, Hook, or CLIP then you need to listen to Mercury
  • Her song “PANKO” features Ethereal, another great Atlanta rapper and producer
  • Must-see performance for underground rap lovers. Be there early and listen to her latest EP fear mercury in preparation for the show

5. Popstar Benny opening for MIKE4/8 in Hell

  • Platinum pop music producer carving a new sound wave for Atlanta hip-hop and pop beats coming from the underground music scenes in the city
  • Part of Popstar FM independent record label and art company
  • Listen to his latest album University! featuring more contemporary Atlanta artists you may recognize like Bear1Boss and Tony Shhnow

6. Bad Guru opening for Icon for Hire4/14 in Hell

  • Home-grown alternative rock band influenced by Buddhist culture and spirituality 
  • Self-described “bad gurus” for putting their own spin on the philosophy of indulging in authenticity and universal love
  • Impressive eclectic vocals layered on easy alt-rock for our quirky alt-rockers
  • Watch their live performance here at The Masquerade in 2021 to see what you’re in for!

7. Well Kept opening for Okey Dokey4/14 in Purgatory

  • Emo-adjacent sounds hailing from Athens, GA
  • Dark blues fused with indie pop-punk to create that midwestern emo vibe
  • Listen to their latest album, The Inquirer, released through We Bought A Zoo Records

8. Wiley from Atlanta opening for Ruby Waters4/16 in Purgatory

  • Singer/rapper from East Atlanta
  • Inspired by soul singers for his vocals over slow, chill hip-hop beats fused with some indie pop elements
  • Watch his latest music video for “Fear & Loathing”

9. Corduroy Beach opening for Archer Oh4/19 in Purgatory

  • 5-piece psychedelia grunge gaze band making their mark on the ATL lo-fi scene
  • The lightheaded fuzzy vocals on grungy instrumentals is reminiscent of baking in the sun for hours in a haze
  • If you like the noise Dinosaur Jr. makes, you’ll be into this hidden gem
  • Listen to their latest single “You” before the show

10. hey, nothing opening for Michigander4/28 in Purgatory

  • 2-member band playing heavy acoustic indie pop music with folk elements
  • If you like Michael Cera Palin or Modern Baseball, then you’ll enjoy hey, nothing as folk pop alternative
  • Listen to their latest song, “Like A Brother” on Spotify

Written by Ciara Ford