10 Local Artists You Should Check Out in May


1. Popstar Benny opening for Joey Valence & Brae in Purgatory on 5/5

  • The only DJ set that will play Migos and Soulja Boy right after The Killers and Tame Impala. Did you catch him DJ and engineer at MIKE’s show last month?
  • His sets are full of bass that forces even the most rigid concert-goer into dancing 
  • Watch this video, “Popstar Benny Takes A Trip to the Record Store,” created by Yodhee to hear what he has to say about his favorite films, music videos, and producer tags!

2. Upchuck opening for OFF! in Purgatory on 5/6

  • DIY origins blurring the lines between psychedelic rock, hardcore, and punk w/ lyrics filled with calls for change and awareness
  • If you like The Paranoyds, Alien Nosejob, or Snõõper then you need to check out Upchuck
  • Watch their Adult Swim Bloodfeast performance to get ready for the show!

3. SIX opening for Khemmis in Purgatory on 5/9

  • Blackened 5-piece Deathcore band based out of Atlanta, GA
  • If you like Lorna Shore, Black Tongue, Signs of the Swarm, Behemoth, or Carnifex, then check out SIX!
  • Watch their official music video for “An Ominous Gaze” here

4. worlds greatest dad opening for The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid To Die in Purgatory on 5/15

  • Midwestern 5th wave emo inspired by pop punk melodies to soothe your heavy soul
  • The 4-piece band formed in 2014 as a way to cope with trials and tribulations of the human experience
  • If you already listen to Future Teens or Pool Kids, you should definitely listen to worlds greatest dad
  • Watch their music video for “laughing (while you’re smiling)” and see if you spot our office dog Punk Rock Milo’s cameo

5. Scorched Moon opening for Hammerfall in Hell on 5/15

  • Self-described poultry-powered Prog Metal 4-piece concept band based out of Atlanta since 2012
  • Inspired by metal and progressive rock + using themes from Sci-Fi
  • Their debut album, Obsidia, dropped in March 2023

6. Inviolate opening for Hammerfall in Hell on 5/15

  • Fusion of metal, electronica, and industrial to create an experimental rock sound 
  • The lead singer, Kadria, gives intense live performances with head-banging and belly-dancing
  • Listen to their latest EP, Blackout, to get ready for the show

7. In Somni opening for Nekrogoblikon in Hell on 5/18

  • In Somni fuses nu-metal, death metal, hardcore and early 2000s melodies and breakdowns to add to the nu-metalcore scene in ATL
  • Come early to the show to experience cathartic release with their heavy sounds
  • Click here to watch the official music video for their latest single, “Bounty”

8. Barry’s Dead! opening for Ryan Oakes in Purgatory on 5/18

  • Up-and-coming ATL artist and beatmaker with prior performances with other local artists such as IMP and 3AG Pilot 
  • You may recognize him as the interviewer for More To The Core music media company
  • Listen to his latest single, “Mila Kunis,” that dropped last month

9. MENU opening for Ben Quad at The Earl on 5/21

  • Alternative pop rock hailing from ATL, formed in 2014
  • Get familiar with the band by streaming their 2021 debut EP, Homecoming
  • If you like Bilmuri, Dance Gavin Dance, or Makari – give MENU a listen!

10. Buice playing the Summer Cemetery Showdown in Purgatory on 5/25

  • 4-piece alternative rock band inspired by noise rock, post-punk, and post-hardcore scenes 
  • Watch this compilation of their live sets at Inner Space in ATL and The World Famous in Athens last month
  • Listen to their self-titled album, Buice, to get ready for the show 

Written by Ciara Ford